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SMX East Preview: Why Structured Data & Semantic SEO Are Important

smx-east-2013-badgeAs I mentioned in my last post, we’ve got two of our team members speaking at SMX East next month (October 1st – 3rd, at the Javitz Center in New York). I did a preview on Craig Galyon’s talkPro-level Tips For Succeeding At Retargeting, in my last post. This post is a preview of Mike Arnesen’s talk: Why Structured Data & Semantic SEO Are Important. Also, don’t miss the bit at the end of this on Mike’s appearance at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference in New York that same week.

Why’d you choose the particular topic you did?

I chose the structured data and semantic SEO panel because I’m a huge geek. Plain and simple. In my pitch for the session, I told the organizers about all the times I’ve “literally woken up in the middle of the night because I had dreamt about applying semantic data to a piece of rich content” (excerpt from my actual pitch). The reason that I’m so fascinated with structured data is that, if you think about it, it gives us this incredible power to convey complex information in such a way that it can be (almost) universally interpreted and understood. Not just by humans of course, but by programs and applications (search engines being among them).

The semantic SEO is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. At SwellPath, we’re all about getting our clients set up with structured data so that they’re ahead of the game when “semantic SEO” becomes the name of the game. Search engines are already using things like recipe, event, organization, and article markup and I think it’s awesome when you can throw markup up on a page and then see it manifest in the result. This is just the beginning for search engines, there’s a whole new frontier out there. That’s why I’m excited about it!

What should attendees expect from your talk?

I’m actually speaking at the front-end of two back-to-back talks on structured data and semantic SEO. We’re assuming some familiarity with the basic concepts but will also give some intro and overview at the beginning. If you come to those two sessions, expect everything from “what is structured data and semantic SEO”, “why is it important”, “how can I apply this stuff to what I’m doing”, “what tools are out there for this”, “what does a semantic SEO strategy entail”, “what’s the ROI”, and “whose successful implemented this stuff and what does it look like?”.

Who should attend your talk (roles, company size, etc.)?

Anyone who’s looking to stay ahead of the game. This isn’t a session that’s limited to developers and geeks. Anyone who wants to take their search marketing potential to the next level should attend. This is important stuff and I strongly believe that it’s where the web is heading. I’m not saying that people who don’t adopt this stuff are doomed, but just think about this: Webmasters who didn’t pay attention to where the web was heading 2-4 years ago are the ones that got hit by Panda and Penguin.

Anything other cool industry or non-industry related things you’ll be doing while in NYC?

One of my favorite things about SMX events has always been the invaluable networking. This, of course, includes their famous SMX After Dark party. While I’m in NYC, I’ll also be speaking on a panel at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference. SemTech isn’t about SEO or search marketing (so I’ll be the odd man out in a way) as they really focus on the semantic web and technology. I’ll be on a panel with Duane Forrester (Bing), Aaron Bradley, David Amerland, and Barbara Starr. It’s a huge honor to be joining all those incredible folks.

Alright, so if you have a chance to attend SMX East ticket, get there! And likewise for the Semantic Technology & Business Conference. Don’t forget to say hello to Craig and Mike!

Adam Ware

Adam Ware - President & CEO

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