3 Awesome Ecommerce Custom Segments for Google Analytics

Charles Voloshin

Before joining SwellPath, I knew a bit about analytics from my old digital agency, I was actually one of the best at it there. But, after coming to a true analytics agency, I realized how much I really did NOT…

Portland Google Analytics User Group First Meetup

Portland Google Analytics User Group First Meetup

Adam Ware

We are excited to help Ryan Summers and the iSITE folks launch a new Google Analytics User Group in Portland. The city has plenty of Google Analytics expertise, and now we hope to be able to share that with each…


Customizing Google Analytics Starts with Objectives, not Metrics

John Koenig

Google Analytics out-of-the-box gives you access to thousands of different and useful data sets, how could you possibly want more data? If you can answer that question specifically, you’re on the right path. If you “know you need more”, let’s…

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