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Do you Foos? 1st Annual PDX Foosball Open

Get ready local foosball enthusiasts: we’re hosting the first annual PDX Foosball Open at SwellPath on May 3rd, 2012. The winning team is taking home a pair of Timbers tickets and a $50 gift certificate at Deschutes Public House. The losers get to play foosball, drink our beer, and eat our food. It is First Thursday, so even if you’re not playing you still should stop by and see the action.

If you have some foos skills, or just like fun, you should enter the tournament. We’ve already got over a dozen teams, and we expect to have about 20 by the event. We’ll cap it at 32. We’re borrowing ShopIgniter’s table, so we’ll have two games going at all times. Show us what you’ve got!

Adam Ware

Adam Ware - President & CEO

Developer turned full-stack marketer turned CEO. Adam has been working with web analytics platforms for over 15 years, and has been helping promote websites for almost 2 decades. Outside of the office: Chicagoan raising Minnesotans, Willamette U. grad, pug lover, hockey player, and occasional surfer.

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