SwellPath is a Google Analytics Certified Partner

I’m very excited to announce that SwellPath is now an official Google Analytics Certified Partner! First, big thanks to Greg for helping put the application materials together, and Charles and John for weathering the interview with Google. Thanks to our clients for giving us the opportunity to really push Google Analytics to the enterprise level. Particular thanks to InFocus and Jive Software, who we used for the Partner application case studies.

Finally, thanks to Google for recognizing our expertise. Although we could have applied for the program last year, we chose to wait until we felt like our technical and analytical expertise truly matched or surpassed the other Partners. As our clients on Google Analytics know, we are huge fans of the platform, and we look forward to having a closer relationship with Google and more insight into the future of GA.

Here is a link to our official press release in a PDF format, and here is the copy:

SwellPath approved to become a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner (GACP)
September 7, 2011

SwellPath, a web analytics services provider based in Portland, Oregon, today announced it is entering into a strategic agreement with Google to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

Clients working with SwellPath receive professional analytics implementation and consulting services for Google Analytics, a free, enterprise-class online measurement tool. Businesses of all sizes can work with a Certified Partner to receive professional, Google authorized training, implementation, and consulting services to make their websites and ad campaigns more effective. For more information, visit

SwellPath offers custom, advanced and strategic measurement services to clients looking to increase their digital marketing and website performance. Whether you have an established in-house team or are just getting started, SwellPath’s experienced team applies a proven approach to web analytics for a variety of businesses.

“We are excited to become part of the GACP program. Since day 1 we’ve been helping our clients get the maximum value out of their digital efforts with Google Analytics,” said Adam Ware, SwellPath CEO, “ it is great to have Google validate our expertise and bring us into the program.”

“Google is really pushing the product by introducing features like multi-channel attribution, social sharing measurement, and custom variables,” said John Koenig, VP of Marketing & Strategy at SwellPath, “our clients are really able to understand and improve their ROI through the use of our web analytics offering and Google Analytics.

About Google Analytics
Google Analytics tells you exactly how visitors got to your site and how they use it. It can help you identify bottlenecks and gives you ideas for improvements, leaving you to concentrate on your marketing campaigns and increase your returns. Google Analytics is an advanced, easy-to-use tool. The software has all the functions that you’d expect from an advanced web analysis package. For more information, visit

About SwellPath
SwellPath is a digital measurement and marketing agency founded in 2009. The company provides analytics and search services. SwellPath clients include Jive Software, InFocus, KEEN, and Nike Golf. SwellPath is a results-driven organization, focused on helping clients get better measurement and a better return on their digital marketing activities. For more information email, or call 503.224.9204.



Adam Ware

Adam Ware - President & CEO

Developer turned full-stack marketer turned CEO. Adam has been working with web analytics platforms for over 15 years, and has been helping promote websites for almost 2 decades. Outside of the office: Chicagoan raising Minnesotans, Willamette U. grad, pug lover, hockey player, and occasional surfer.

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    Congrats guys!

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    Go analytics!


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