Social Search Just Got Real

Today, Google rolled out their new +1 feature. The +1 is similar to a Facebook “Like”, but for search. There’s a lot of chatter about Google attempting to compete with Facebook by making search results social, and how much of…

PPC & Media

Google Launches New Media Ads

Chris Sullivan

Google continues to try to improve the AdWords experience for both advertisers and users with the release of Media Ads. Over the course of the past 18 months or so Google has added 10 new ad extensions or formats in…


2011 Web Analytics Conference Season Wrap-Up

Adam Ware

March is a big month for conferences in digital, with South by Southwest Interactive taking up the lion’s share of the spotlight. For web analytics, it’s the conference month. All the major vendors have their user conferences, and eMetrics takes…


Typography SEO Cage Match – Cufón v. sIFR v. @font-face

John Koenig

Fonts are an important consideration for any good site design and often convey the overall tone. Similarly, text has always been at the foundation of SEO. Web fonts and typographer are yet another place where good design practices converge with…

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