Measuring & Optimizing Your Website Course at Portland State University

Portland State University Course on Web AnalyticsOur good friend Aaron Gray is teaching a course at Portland State University, as part of their Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate program. The class is Measuring & Optimizing Your Website and takes place on 3 consecutive Fridays. I’ll be a guest on the second and third days to teach on a couple of topics: Implementing Google Analytics, and An Introduction to Google Website Optimizer.

Unfortunately the first session of the class has already started, but another session begins in May. The combination of Aaron’s background and this subject matter will truly make this a worthy endeavor for anyone interested in increasing their knowledge of analytics and optimization. It is great to see Portland State pushing these types of courses for those interested in careers in digital marketing.

Adam Ware

Adam Ware - President & CEO

Developer turned full-stack marketer turned CEO. Adam has been working with web analytics platforms for over 15 years, and has been helping promote websites for almost 2 decades. Outside of the office: Chicagoan raising Minnesotans, Willamette U. grad, pug lover, hockey player, and occasional surfer.

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  1. Mike Arnesen

    This was before my time. How did that end up working out. Sounds like an awesome opportunity!

    • Adam Ware

      You know I crushed it. Seriously though, the program, and analytics course in particular, at PSU is pretty solid. A good way to get a crash-course on digital marketing. I spoke mostly on GA implementation mistakes, and some other quick ways people can get good info from GA. Hard to distill it down to 90 minutes though.


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