Takeaways from WordCamp Portland

Adam Ware

I’ve finally had a chance to put down some thoughts about WordCamp Portland, which was hosted at WebTrends last weekend. First off, what an amazing event. The group dynamic was fantastic; it was a great mix of developers, marketers, bloggers,…

PPC & Media

Managing Social Media Backlash

Katie Sachse

A few weeks ago, John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about Obama’s health care reform initiatives. The comments made by the chief executive have been stirring controversy on the web…

News & Events

Get Free Bacon From Bac’n

Adam Ware

[flickr]photo:3934430279[/flickr] Ironically, I was fortunate enough to win one of the coolest door prizes here at WordCamp Portland, a $50 gift code for Though it pains me to pass up free meat, I feel as a sponsor SwellPath shouldn’t…


Advanced SEO Services: 5 Key Methods

John Koenig

SEO isn’t rocket science; best practices are easy to learn and implement with a little practice. However, SEO goes way beyond simple best practices to include strategies and techniques only realized and utilized through experience. Furthermore, advanced SEO (in my…

PPC & Media

Display v. Search – The Last Ad Model Bias

John Koenig

Now many would argue that it’s not display v. search but rather the synergies achieved when both mediums work together. Search marketing currently comprises more than one-half of all interactive dollars, and will remain the biggest format through 2014. Most…

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