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SwellPath Launch Party Photos

Adam Ware

A few weeks ago we had our launch party/open house. Here are some photos our good friend Justin Meyers took at the event: [flickr]set:72157619792464815[/flickr] Thanks to everyone who came!

PPC & Media

Paid Search ROI & the Point of Diminishing Returns

John Koenig

More often than not, PPC budgets are set based on a hunch rather than being rooted in data – ROI and the point of diminishing returns. Paid search should be managed based on a ROI that is maximized to the…

News & Events

New SwellPath Website!

John Koenig

We thought that after our new offices why stop there, let’s get a new site! Here are a few of the elements you’ll notice: Usability One of the first things you’ll notice on the site is the limited navigation; 3…

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