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Choosing a Twitter Strategy

twitter strategyWhile being far from mainstream adoption, Twitter is still a viable social media strategy for engaging customers. This becomes increasingly true if your business is tech focused. However, any good social media strategy requires careful examination of a particular site and it’s users and the same is true for an effective Twitter strategy. Here are some effective Twitter strategies we’ve successfully deployed.

1. Outreach

Twitter is powerful because it allows for real-time outreach. You can instantaneously know when someone mentions your brand or a competitor, allowing you to follow their conversation or join in if you wish. There are tools available to find conversations or prospective customers. One such tool is Twellow, that allows for segmentation of users by their stated interests. The simply act of following a particular user is accompanied by a level of interest in the following party, often leading to a return follow or visit to the site.

Twitter is about developing relations, thus I would recommend outreach via an employee account (in most cases), rather than an corporate branded account. In addition to putting a face to an account/business, users are more apt to follow and engage in conversation with a real person, rather than a business. An excellent example of this outreach strategy is CMO at Jive Software, Sam Lawrence.

2. Support

Providing support on Twitter is a forward thinking CRM strategy that few big or small business have yet to realize. However, Comcast comes to mind as a Twitter support case study. Twitter enables companies to provide support where their customers are located rather than forcing customers to make a call or visit the site – which often inhibits action.

3. PR

Twitter is yet another online outlet to reach customers, press, influencers, investors, etc. Use Twitter to push company news and information. Syndicate press releases and company blog posts. The Obama campaign announced it’s VP selection via Twitter.

No Twitter strategy is effective without active and ongoing engagement. The outcome of your strategy is directly correlated to your involvement, which is true for any social media strategy.

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